Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Boards.....LOVE them!!!

Have I got a treat for you all!  I wanted to tell you about a special project that my beautiful friend Misty is working on, most especially for the baby/infant loss community.  She has just opened up a new vinyl shop called Writing on the Wall.  And, with the opening of her shop, she has started a project called Baby Boards.  Now, this project is close to my heart for two reasons.  The first is the beautiful board with your baby's name that you can create.  

We all know how special it is to those of us who have lost a baby to see their names written any and everywhere.  And these boards are made even more special by the fact that you can choose something to be written going through the middle of your baby's name.  Below is Noah's.  I chose the phrase from the book "Love You Forever".  It's paraphrased just a bit but it goes like this:  

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be 

I used to read that book to Noah while he was in my tummy.  I thought it was appropriate in the sense that he will be my "forever baby", never having the opportunity to grow older.  And, can I tell you what I dream about??  What I pray it will be like when I get to Heaven and am finally reunited with Noah??  I often dream that when I finally get to Heaven and am reunited with Noah that he will still be my little baby boy and I will finally get to raise him as I wanted to here on earth.  (((sigh)))  Wouldn't that be lovely?? 

Anyway, the other reason this project is so close to my heart is simply because of who it is that is providing this beautiful product.  I met Misty not long after we got Noah's diagnosis.  She too was given the grim news that her baby Isaac had anencephaly and went in search of comfort and support and ended up in the same groups that I was in.  We just clicked.  We've been through the worst any mother could go through together and it has bonded us like nothing else.  So, you can definitely trust me, when I tell you that this project comes from the most tender place in her heart imaginable.  

I really hope that you will check her out.  I really hope that if you want a board that you will order one.  She has special pricing for those of us who have lost a baby/child.  And, as you can see, her work is just amazingly beautiful.  Even better in person!

What's even better is that she also does other boards/blocks.  

What better way to honor your baby then by having their name and maybe even their birth date and weight on blocks/boards to hang, stand, show to all that your baby was real, your baby was here, your baby was loved......  

So be sure to check Misty's shop out at Writing on the Wall.  I know she would just LOVE to make a baby board to help honor your baby!  

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