Friday, November 30, 2012


Nathaniel John


Mathew Thomas

Janessa Shauna

Janessa's mom Shauna runs a beautiful remembrance site in her daughter's honor where she posts beautiful pictures of pinwheels for babies who have gone too soon.  You read more about sweet Janessa, her baby sister Hope who sadly also left too soon, and the beautiful ministry she started at Pinwheels From Heaven.

Catherine & Hattie

 Sweet Catherine 

Sweet Hattie  


I made this first pendant for Paula for her sweet Eric at the request of her dear friend Anella who lost her sweet Eva.  Such a sweet gift to give.

Paula then asked if she could get a pendant made of Eric's sweet little feet made, which of course I happily obliged!

Paula has a very sweet ministry of her own as well!  She visits sick children in a hospital locally where she lives to help lift their spirits and bring smiles to their faces.  You can read more about that and see those smiles at Grande Prairie Therapeutic Clowning.

Atrayue, Nevaeh and Robin

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Osmund "Oz" Wyatt Kidd-Ward

Osmund "Oz" Wyatt Kidd-Ward, protected by grace, strength and fighter.  He was born July 21, 2010 and lived for 10 wonderful hours, only knowing his parents arms, and love.  He forever changed our family for the better, and we carry him everyday in our hearts.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Xavier Alexander

Tovi Wren & Richie Orion

Julian Jose


Eden Elizabeth

The first pendant was made for Eden's mama Molly.  I also made one for Eden's grandmother Dina.  The second pendant was made for Eden's aunt Shauna.

Jonathan Anthony

Please visit Tesha's Treasures to read more about Jonathan and his family.



Persephone Grace

Noah Alexander

Please visit Treasuring Life's Blessings to read all about sweet Noah Alexander

John Carpenter

Please visit Carpenter Rebuilt to read all about this sweet little boy!

Meredith Helen

Anyone who is within the Baby Loss community will know Meredith's mom Sarita.  She is perhaps THE sweetest mama I have ever been blessed to meet online!  She always, ALWAYS remembers Noah on his birthday as well as so many other babies who have gone too soon.  She is without a doubt the sweetest, kindest person there is.

I knew when I took over that I would want to repay her kindness for always remembering all our babies and what better way then to give her a pendant for her own.  The first one was made using a picture that Sarita had posted on her blog.  The second picture is a rose from my Aunt's garden.  I took one look at it and knew I needed to capture its beauty and share it with Sarita in honor of Meredith.

Meredith Helen was born early at 34 weeks on October 3rd, 1974, and lived for 3 days.  You can read all about Meredith here.  Sarita has always said that Meredith was their "perfect rose" and has a blog where she writes in memory of her.  Please stop by and show Ms. Sarita some love.  I know she would appreciate it!

One Perfect Rose

Jack & Jake

Devon, Fedora, Serenity & Sterling


Michael Clifford

William Jason

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seth Josiah

Seth Josiah was held every minute of his life by his Mommy. It was an incredible 39 weeks.  Seth was a very active baby.  He loved life!  He arrived sleeping in the arms of Jesus on March 18, 2012.   He was absolutely perfect and beautiful.  He is still loved by Daddy, Mommy, Natalie, Benjamin, Lydia, Adam, and Caleb.  We were so looking forward to playing with him, kissing him, hearing him laugh, watching him run, holding his hand.  We will do all these things and more someday when we are united with him in heaven.    Enjoy heaven my sweet boy!  

His mommy writes about Seth in her blog

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eva Ruby Christine

Eva Ruby Christine (Oct 15 2010-Aug 15 2011) Our little princess in Heaven. We miss you so our darling girl.
If you want to read more about Eva and life for us after Eva feel welcome to visit our blog: