About In Our Hearts

In Our Hearts Photo Pendants was created in honor of Madelyn Rebecca and Noah Benjamin as a way to memorialize the babies/children and loved ones who have left this world too soon. The photo pendants are made of a combination of a silver pendant tray with a glass tile overlay.  For parents who do not have a photo of their child, I will be happy to create a pendant with their name or other design on it in lieu of a picture.

Currently, the pendants are made for a $6 donation fee (per pendant) to cover the cost of supplies and shipping expenses. If you are requesting from outside the US the donation fee is $10 per pendant.  Necklace chains are available for $3; otherwise they are not included. 

Because it has come up, I feel I need to address that while I love making pendants for living children just as much making pendants for children that have passed, since this is a project born out of the loss of our sweet babies there will be a price difference for any pendants being made for children who are living.  The cost of  pendants for a living child will be $15.  

This donation fee can be waived due to special circumstances and is considered on an individual basis.  Thank you for your understanding regarding this.