Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seth Josiah

Seth Josiah was held every minute of his life by his Mommy. It was an incredible 39 weeks.  Seth was a very active baby.  He loved life!  He arrived sleeping in the arms of Jesus on March 18, 2012.   He was absolutely perfect and beautiful.  He is still loved by Daddy, Mommy, Natalie, Benjamin, Lydia, Adam, and Caleb.  We were so looking forward to playing with him, kissing him, hearing him laugh, watching him run, holding his hand.  We will do all these things and more someday when we are united with him in heaven.    Enjoy heaven my sweet boy!  

His mommy writes about Seth in her blog

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  1. This is a beautiful pendant and yes, you will see him again one day and it will be so joyous! That thought just makes a heart smile to overflowing. ((Hugs)) to you, friend.

    Tamara Z