Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seth Josiah

Seth Josiah was held every minute of his life by his Mommy. It was an incredible 39 weeks.  Seth was a very active baby.  He loved life!  He arrived sleeping in the arms of Jesus on March 18, 2012.   He was absolutely perfect and beautiful.  He is still loved by Daddy, Mommy, Natalie, Benjamin, Lydia, Adam, and Caleb.  We were so looking forward to playing with him, kissing him, hearing him laugh, watching him run, holding his hand.  We will do all these things and more someday when we are united with him in heaven.    Enjoy heaven my sweet boy!  

His mommy writes about Seth in her blog

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eva Ruby Christine

Eva Ruby Christine (Oct 15 2010-Aug 15 2011) Our little princess in Heaven. We miss you so our darling girl.
If you want to read more about Eva and life for us after Eva feel welcome to visit our blog:


Pierce is our 3rd baby boy. We had no idea anything was wrong until he came out and was unable to breathe. He spent all of his short life in the NICU trying to find out what was wrong, even though he looked perfect. He passed away at 48 days old from an undiagnosed Nueromuscular condition. Sweet Pierce would be 1 on the 25th of this month. We miss him so much. ♥ 

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Ashley contacted me after seeing my work on a friend of hers' pendant and said she just knew she had to have one for sweet Erik.  And me, being the space cadet that I am, I made her pendant in the original square shape and then realized only after it was completed that she actually wanted the larger oval shape instead.  So, it would seem that Ashley's lucky streak continues!  Because now she is getting 2 pendants!!!  Yay!  

I would love for you to read more about her sweet Erik at My Life Without Erik - Erik's Story 

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Kennedy Kate

I gave 10 pendants away at an auction to support Sufficient Grace Ministries recently and Kennedy's Mom Alissa was lucky enough to win 2 pendants!  

Here is what Alissa had to share about Kennedy Kate:  Kennedy Kate grew her angel wings at 22 weeks gestation of a chromosomal disorder.  She is very missed and forever loved.  Our lives will never be complete without her here with us on Earth but she will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We thank her for what she has brought into our lives.  Keep flying, baby girl.  We will see you sometime soon.  

You can read more about sweet Kennedy at On KK's Butterfly Wings