Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Wyatt, It broke my heart when you physically left our family, but you are and will always be with us in thought and spirit every second of our remaining lives here on earth until we can hold you forever in heaven. Because we can't hold you in our arms, we carry you in our hearts and I am so excited to be able to wear your picture close to my heart and be able to show off your sweet picture. It's always bothered me that you're not here to show off to the world and thanks to Heather and her sweet daughter Madelyn (will you find her up there in heaven and give her a big hug from me and tell her what an amazing mommy she is so lucky to have), I'm getting the opportunity that I've been feeling so left out on. I am so proud of you Wyatt and I love you more than words. Mommy and your big sister Ansley will proudly wear your picture and tell the world about what an amazing blessing you are. Hugs and kisses sweet boy. I love you."

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